Stunning set from Minneapolis songwriter - 9/10 stars
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Stunning set from Minneapolis songwriter - 9/10 stars

This album stomps into life with a Steve Earle style rocker ‘Las Vegas Boulevard’ and the thought is that here is another shit kicker with an eye for a tune and a rocking good Friday night but as the album unfurls then deeper and darker waters flood in.

This begins with the high lonesome ‘Dirtroads’ but the first highlight is ‘Thrift Store Suit’ a jagged narrative with a sparse rhythm and haunting chorus with instruments bleak and tight,this is followed by the spooky, wired ‘Fortress Americana’ with its Josh Ritter guitar cycle and ethereal soundscape providing the bed for a fierce anti war lyric. Brown delivers this lyric with conviction and strength without histrionics making it all the more powerful.

The album is really in its stride now as ‘Whiskey Chaser’ follows, a lament with an 'Exile'-style Stones guitar heralding in a bar room ramshackle rhythm section – you know what I mean! ‘Samurai Blues’ has the dry parched feel of Son Volt in its intro that then morphs into a beautiful lilting chorus of yearning with its flavour of a harmony. ‘Fall Into Memphis’ is the spirit of Neil filtered through the lens of Crazy Horse and served up with a side order of regret – a tribute but a whole lot more. Rugged and ragged.

The title track finishes the album with a waltz and a heartbreak. Awesome. And then you go back to the start... again!