I'm a Samurai movie junkie and there's lots of themes in them about honor and obligation and station in society - I'm not sure whether it takes place back then or in present day

Samurai Blues

The favored son of freedom has fallen in disgrace
The sky goes dark, loses heart, and leaves the lonely taste
Till you’re so used to changes they’re the only thing that stays the same
And I heard the call to arms, and I remember changing blades

I saw the revolution broad shouldered but giving way
And you know if you ever lose your strength then yeah, the revolution fades
Commander gave instructions to hold the ground that never yields
Yah he likes to wear the helmet but he will never take the field

But I guess that what don’t kill you, makes you stronger in the end
Now baby, I’m so goddamn strong, I cannot die by the hand of man
And if I were a samurai, I’d probably abstain
Give up my title and my daimyo, I’d leave town, I’d change my face

Drums - Chris Crooker
Ambient Guitar - Ben Durrant
Acoustic Guitar - RB