A song about playing every hand as best as you can in the right way and still coming up with the wrong result - One time a survivor of an African civil war came up to me after I played this live and talked very drunkenly about how much it meant to him - that blew me away six ways from Sunday

Joe Lewis

My name is Joe Lewis, no relation to the boxer
It’s a name my daddy gave, hoping it’d make me the fighter
And every asshole you can name from first grade till today
Wants to say he took a shot at Joe Lewis yesterday

Dads roll around some, and mine he rolled elsewhere
You can’t take your family with you, but you pray that they’re still there
And every dollar that I earned, every promise that I made,
I kept them both so I’d do better for my little girl someday.

I don’t see why you won’t ease my worried mind
I don’t see why, I don’t see why

There are some advantages to living near the water
but there’s no way social service can ever replace that missing father
and when the ocean wouldn’t stand to be held anymore
it came thru our neighborhood and it drove us from the ward

I tried to do my best and I put on my happy face
But I just cannot be grateful when my family’s been displaced
Sometimes I would leave her and I’d hope she wouldn’t wake
And you pray for peaceful slumber, but it just takes one mistake

Rumors started after the investigation faltered
Digging thru the neighbor’s yard just to find my missing daughter
And I’d have waited for the cops but their justice takes too long
And of everything I’m living for, brother, all of it is gone

I don’t see why you won’t ease my worried mind
I don’t see why, I don’t see why

And if I had a rationale on which I base my plea
It’s that my little girl will grow up fast in heaven without me
And it will be not the wrong way, no, it’s not like suicide
It’s just there’s men who should be killed who are neither bought nor justified

Here’s five thousand dollars, it’s all the money that I saved
Here’s the keys to my pickup, you be sure you change the plates
and we’ll save the state the trouble, skip the trial just one time
be the jury, and pass the sentence, it’s just an eye for an eye

and I don’t see why you won’t ease my wounded mind
It’s not murder, it’s just paying for the crime

And they’ll play the drum real slowly, pass the bottle till it’s light
You know the sounds of celebration fill a barroom every night
I told her angels fill the pearly gates with puppies of all size
Tonight me and my little girl are going to heaven side by side

Acoustic Guitar - RB