When it came to writing songs for his new album, The Fugitive Peace, Minneapolis singer-songwriter Russ Brown followed a simple philosophy: Songs are like poker hands. If they don't excite you, don't play them.

The Fugitive Peace is a winning hand of 11 songs that showcase Brown at his best and show him to be one of the best songwriters to come out of the verdant Twin Cities music scene in quite awhile. He plays a literate, insightful, catchy – and sometimes dark – brand of Americana that harkens memories of everyone from Neil Young to Vigilantes of Love to Townes Van Zandt.

One reviewer has called the album a potent mixture of 180-proof Alt-Country and Folk-Rock. For The Fugitive Peace, Brown roams a rich landscape and takes note of the broken and re-assembled lives found everywhere from the dirt roads of his native Montana to Las Vegas Boulevard to Beale Street and back to Minneapolis where he now resides.